Sunday, February 20, 2011

Luxury and Gluttony

     Despite the fact that Handsome Hector resembles a remnant from the Jurassic period, most of us would give our right arm to experience even the smallest taste of his lavish life style. Today the fat bastard took a long, hot bubble bath, was bundled up in his yellow ducky towel, rewarded with a treat and then sat in anticipation for the grand finale......his almond oil body massage. Yup, Hector's a balding bastard so luckily for him his skin requires regular moisturizing treatments. During his wait, as I prep the oils and candles, he has the nerve to spread all fours and ready himself in full expectation of this pleasurable rub down. Of all the massage treatments Hector has experienced, this one is his all time favorite.  Olive oils, sesame oils and various aromatherapy oils have been applied to Hector's bloated body but he insists that none make him feel as smooth and supple as the sweet almond oil. Does the bloated seal ever concern himself with where these special oils come from? No. Does he inquire as to who pays for them? No. The goods and the slave labor simply "show up". But that's why I love Handsome Hector; he teaches me a great deal on the art of appreciating the "self". Some say he's bordering on egocentricity, but I say he's bordering on becoming a fuller, more whole bodied Hecki.

"Copyright 2008" Ghada Marta

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